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John A. Lewis, Doctor of Physical Therapy works one on one with patients and provides them with the tools needed to move forward, heal and get back to life. John is a skilled physical therapist with 15 years’ experience, who has helped thousands of patients in the East Valley.


Dr Lweis has been practicing medicine for over 30 years providing relief and care tens of thousands of patients over the years. He is rated five stars on Yelp presently and has numerous awards for excellence. Dr Lewis has also taught Physical Therapy professionally to many physical therapists in a University setting and through couching.


Dr. Lewis recieved his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Harvard University with Honors in 1998.

Work Related Injuries

Dr. Lewis works with your insurance company (worker’s comp or individual) for a return to your job safely and quickly. Included with your rehabilitation from an injury, is an activity called work conditioning and another called work hardening, which prepares you for a return to full duty work through a series of simulated work activities during your time in physical therapy, as well as correcting posture and techniques to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Vestibular / Vertigo / Balance

There are 5 components of balance: Proprioception (touch your finger to your nose with your eyes closed), Reflexes (in the back), Inner Ear (position of your head in space), Vision, and Lower Brain Functions (brain stem, etc.). Each of those can contribute to balance issues. Whatever the cause, Dr. Lewis can work towards you having less symptoms and live a dizzy free life.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

If you are injured and need to prove (or find out if) you can return to work, a functional capacity evaluation (called FCE) is an extensive test to determine your ability to work (your specific job or any job) which will be specifically tailored to your needs according to information you provide in regards to your work environment.


A service of utilizing tools to assist in the recovery from injury. It has years of research behind the practice and can be applied to almost any orthopedic condition, including post surgical. Dr. Lewis uses these tools for several types of orthopedic injuries, but if you would like to receive instrument assisted therapy, ask for it by name.


Dr. Lewis works with accident insurance claims, allowing for lawyers to direct payment for services rendered. If you have a lawyer and wish to see Physical Therapy, ask them about the Lien program and how we can help your road to recovery.

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